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The e-edition of the “Global education goes Pop” toolkit is available in Bulgarian. The resources designed for youth workers in both formal and non-formal education system is free for use. The GE goes POP is available in English and German as well and could be used for educators for their English and German classes. The toolkit is aimed to introduce global perspective into young peoples’ local context and to increase the capacity in teaching global issues to youngsters emphasizing on youth friendly approaches and methodologies using pop culture. It is designed for youth 14-30 years old.

The resources are organized in three thematic blocks: Pop culture and Global education; Go pop in Learning and Go pop in Action. The toolkit offers a perspective what is cool for youth, how to integrate the pop culture into the learning process and facilitators tips.

The learning section encompasses five units centered on tools popular among young people, such us: Sound and Word, Photo and Visual Expressions; Moving Art, Social media and Digital Activism and Street Art. The users could fine definitions and clues on how to use close to youth tools such as moving art, memes, murals and street art and others. Each learning tool encompasses: learning aims, time and materials needed, indicates the participants’ age, guides around the preparation, the steps for implementation and the reflection. At the end of the Toolkit one can find several tools for evaluation and an useful glossary. The Toolkit is developed under the Global education goes local project by the partners’ organizations: C.E.G.A. Foundation, Future Worlds Center, Global Citizens Academy, Asociación Cazalla Intercultural, Südwind Steiermark, Institute for African Studies and Young People We Care. To download the Toolkit click the button below:

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