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Trainers with a social action for future for climate change in Kaunas

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At the last day of the Training for trainers in Kaunas the participants came out with a social action “Future for climate change” joining the World Climate Strike. The five days training course from 16 to 20 of September brought together trainers and multipliers from Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Lithuania and Slovenia who work with the local communities under the “Global education goes local” project.

The course provided tools for raising awareness and teaching SDG 5 Achieve gender equality, SDG 11 Making cities inclusive, safe and sustainable and SDG 12 Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns by dealing with stereotypes and incertainity. The training was based on the Go Pop in Action Tookit developed under the project.

“It was an eye-opening experience!“ is one of the testimonials of  the participants at the training. “I will use lots of methods from this training in my daily professional work” is another feedback. “During 5-day training course we were establishing communities, solving global problems and trying to become more sustainable as possible”, commented another trainer. As a follow up the participants are working on the Local action plans to be implemented in  the fall of 2019 and the spring of 2020.

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