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The Summer school in Slovenia empowers teens

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Making videos on issues that matters, learning via playing, telling stories, feeling creative and have friendships emerging was a bit of the experience under the Summer school organized by the Institute of African Studies in Slovenia. Feeling able to share what they have learnt and with plans for action in their localities is some of the feedback of the youth participants. The participants were motivated to keep on with the winter school and the campaigns once they come back.

The Summer school held from 9 to 11 of September aimed to bring awareness on the magnitudes of our actions in the local environment among teenagers. The program focused on local topics, linked to global dimensions. The participants were encouraged to reflect on global interdependences and create local awareness raising campaigns. At school took part twenty six participants – six teachers and young people from six localities: Murska Sobota, Oplotnica, Majšperk, Trbovlje, Zagorje and Koper.

The learning modules included getting familiar with the vocabulary and notions of SDG 5, 11 and 12, going into depth in the topics and planning the second round of the Local action plans with reflection sessions. The implemented learning methods have been from the Global Education goes POP Handbook, Kahoot tool, storytelling, stereotypes games, moving art and tools for digital activism.

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