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Young people are taking action

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“I started thinking about things, that I never thought about before”, is the feedback of one of the participants at the summer school in Lithuania. Seventeen youth 13 – 18 years old took part in the learning camp organized by the Global Citizens Academy on June 26-28 near Kaunas.

The participants have been engaged into learning process about the Sustainable Development Goals and specifically the gender equality, the responsible consumption and the sustainable cities. The methodology of the training included also creative action tasks. Divided in small groups based on the SDG they are interested in, the teens created awareness rising campaigns. “We saw really creative “TV  show”, Insta stories spreading the message about gender quality and environment”, shares Solveiga Skaisgirytė from the Global Citizens Academy. In a TV show about sustainable cities and communities the participants were interviewing each other and underlining what matters up to them in our life together in a community.

“I became more courageous”; “it’s way better, than a real school”; “It’s so fun to meet other people, that are thinking same direction as I do” are some of the reflections of the participants at the school after finishing the program.

The pupils come from local communities participating at the “Global education goes local” Project. They have been active during the school year of 2018-2019 being involved in local actions in their communities, organizing events about environment, creating Christmas decorations from out of usage materials, participating in SDG conferences in their schools.

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