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Trainers with a social action for future for climate change in Kaunas

At the last day of the Training for trainers in Kaunas the participants came out with a social action “Future for climate change” joining the World Climate Strike. The five days training course from 16 to 20 of September brought together trainers and multipliers from Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Lithuania and Slovenia who work with the…

October 8, 2019
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Youth from Athienou attract mayor’s attention to the smart cities

The youth from the small town of Athienou, one of the few villages within the UN Buffer Zone and participating town in GEGL, organised a workshop focusing on Smart Cities and their benefits for small and bigger towns on July 13. In the event took part young people interested in the topic, students, young professionals…

September 3, 2019
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Young people are taking action

“I started thinking about things, that I never thought about before”, is the feedback of one of the participants at the summer school in Lithuania. Seventeen youth 13 – 18 years old took part in the learning camp organized by the Global Citizens Academy on June 26-28 near Kaunas. The participants have been engaged into…

August 1, 2019
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Youth learn how to implement their ideas

A summer school for active youth from the communities where “Global education goes local” project works has been hold in July 10-15 2019 in Lozenetz, Bulgaria. The school was aimed to get the teenagers familiar with the Sustainable development goals and to coach them how to plan and implement their ideas. 25 youth at the…

July 24, 2019
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International Workshop in Spain

About 30 people from six countries Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Slovenia and Spain gathered together for 2 days to share their experience in organizing local actions in three Sustainable Development Goals. The actions are part of large initiatives Global Education Goes Local supported by European Union. We are sharing what we did in each of the…

January 30, 2019
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Getting youth on environmental issues during a beach party

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

August 29, 2018
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Six towns join “Global Education goes local” Project in Slovenia

The communities of Rakičanin, Koper, Oplotnica, TRbovlje, Majšperk and Murska Sobota joined the ”Global education goes local” Project in Slovenia. The Institute of African studies conducted meetings  in 15 municipalities in May and June to present the project and to advocate for the local governments’ engagement. The institute presented as well an exhibition of children…

July 16, 2018
The links between the small communities and the global agenda on the spot

How a small community could be sustainable and smart, what are the common issues between a village in South of Bulgaria, a town in one of the most disadvantaged regions in the European Union  and SDG 11 Sustainable and inclusive cities was one of the topics of the second national training in Bulgaria on June…

June 26, 2018
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4 schools, a library, youth and environmental NGO-s are on board in Lithuania

Four schools in Lithuania together with a local library, an environmental grassroots organization and two youth organizations raised their skills in tools for engaging youth, working on sustainable development goals and in applying Global learning perspective in teaching. Three trainings have been hold in the period March-June 2018 by the Global Citizens Academy, partner in…

June 10, 2018
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First expert meeting takes place in Graz, Austria

At the beginning of June, was held the first Expert Group meeting for development Global Education Goes Pop publication. The meeting was hosted by partners from Sudwind, Graz, Austria.Discussed were the main concepts, approaches and methodologies for teaching global education for young people through pop culture as well as the an online course on the…

June 10, 2018
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